Post-Race Comments from April 23rd

We put the 07 Chevrolet Late Model on the pole. Led the entire race. Had a 6 second lead on the field with 7 laps to go and then had to watch our car leave the track on the back of a wrecker due to late race restarts and desperate aggressive drivers.

I want to sincerely express my gratitude to our fans. They know this crew is the best and together we are unbeatable in outright green flag racing. We will make them proud winners many times before this season is over.

Thanks everybody from me and the Crew.
Secondly, I have to thank my crew. I have never driven a better race car than the Late Model I drove tonight. It was perfect. Terry, JC, JR, Michael, David, Todd the new guy, Heath, there is nobody in central Texas that can build cars like you do. You are the best and I give you all the credit for our great performance here tonight.
For the sake of all of our fans and our safety, I hope Race Control can find a solution to this reckless driving problem before someone gets seriously hurt.
We struggled with the 07 Pro Modified tonight. We had a fast car in final practice but for some reason started the race with a push in mid turn and then ended up with a loose car by the end of the race. We just didn’t have enough car to win the race. I have to take most of the blame here because I was asking the Crew to give me a car more suitable to my driving style they had to make some major changes to do so and it was like starting from scratch. But I think by the next race or two we will have it all dialed in with a winning set up.
It was a good clean Race that we may have been able to get a top 3 in but when the 2 car got loose in front of me coming out of 4, and I had to check up, I lost momentum and didn’t have enough to get back up there to race.
It was a good thing Heath Stewart held on to it.  It was pretty crazy.
Thanks to AM Technical Solutions, TRC Race Cars, Umscheid Racing Services and Bryant Promotions for all their Support. Happy Easter to everyone and to my sister Michail and Cooper for driving down from Fort Worth to watch the show and spend Easter with the family. Thank God for his Grace and blessings this Easter and always.

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