Austin Wayne Self 2nd Place in Points in Both the NASCAR Late Model and A-Line Modified Classes

Austin Wayne Self 2nd Place in Points in Both the NASCAR TSRS Late Model and A-Line Modified Classes

Takes 4th Place in A-Line Modified, and 6th in TSRS Late Model Race

March 24, 2011: Kyle, Texas – March 19th was a rough night at Thunderhill Raceway for Austin Wayne Self. But despite numerous difficulties beyond his team’s control, Austin is able to solidify the 2nd place in season points in both the NASCAR Whelen All-American TSRS Late Model and A-Line Modified classes.

Austin’s difficulty started on the very first lap and just continued from there. There were multiple yellow caution flags that resulted in restarts, some wrecks that put liquid on the track between turns 3 and 4 that caused a delay while the track crew worked on clean-up, and Austin’s #5 car had to leave the track two times for repairs. The class was scheduled to complete 35 laps, but was only able to complete 17 on a green-and-white checkered finish due to the time limit.
“I’m really glad we got to go back out on the track and race. I wasn’t really too unhappy overall because a guy who never won before [61 Cory Lovell] got the win. It was good to see him win, and we got some points out of it,” said Austin.
Once all of the details were sorted out, Austin recorded a 4th place finish in the A-Line Modified class, and is #2 in the season point standings season point standings.
Twenty-four minutes later, after drinking a lot of water and saying some pre-race prayers, Austin hit the track again in his 07 Late Model car.
After opening the season with a bang on March 5th with a win in the Late Model, Austin knew he would have a challenging race. Austin started in the 4th position and quickly jumped into 2nd past Robert Barker. When trying to make a move on Bobby Teer, Jr. for 1st place, he was part of a wreck that put him into the wall just off Turn 4. At that point Austin had to head to the pit for some repairs. After the restart, Austin quickly jumped up to 5th place, but with 5 laps to go was spun out when making a move for 4th. He ended up finishing in 6th place overall. Austin is also #2 in the season point standings for the TSRS Late Models.
“This was just the second race of a long season. We still have a long way to go. I’m very pleased we were able to maintain a great position in the standings and complete both races. Things definitely could have been much worse,” said Austin.
NASCAR A-Line Modifieds
1. 61 Cory Lovell 177
2. 07r Austin Self 171
3. 10 Robert Walton 161
4. 44 H E Naumann 156
5. 30 Jake Kruger 149
6. 53 Ryan Engelhardt 124
7. 15 Michael Umscheid 115
8. 91r Zach Hausler 108
9. 42 Justin Long 81
10. 26 Bob Slezinsky 70
11. 33 Jason Morman 66
12. 2r Robert Stewart 65
13. 2r Heath Stewart 56
14. 18 Anthony Gordon 50
#44 receives 5 bonus points for Hard Charger on 3/19/11
1. 2 Bobby Teer Jr. 200
2. 07 Austin Self 174
3. 1r Nick Cole 153
4. 92 Taylor Brandes 146
5. 28 Jeff O’Neill 142
6. 96 Robert Barker 141
7. 3 Mike Reininger 130
8. 69r Michael Pollaro 124
9. 9 John Hernandez 116
10. 5 Heather Ables 85
11. 29 Todd Farris 71
12. 37 Mark Ackerman 61
#5 receives 5 bonus points for Hard Charger on 3/19/11
About Austin Wayne Self
Austin Wayne Self is a 15-year-old NASCAR Pro Modified, TSRS Late Model stock car and multi-series kart-racing champion. In 2011, Austin starts his second Late Model stock car season in the NASCAR Whelen All-America Series, and his first Pro Modified season at Thunderhill Racetrack located in Kyle, Texas. In 2010, he was named Rookie of the Year, 3rd Overall in Points and Best Looking Team in the Texas Super Racing Series. Austin is a consistent podium finisher and has been “Engineered to Win” in any racing environment. Learn more at
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