Austin Wayne Self and Crew Get the Hat Trick at Beaver Run Raceway

In a Pre-National race at Beaver Run Raceway this past weekend, Austin Wayne Self, supported by KartSport and Comet Racing won 3 of the 4 races in his classes.

“ The racing was great this weekend, a lot of lead changes and passes, it couldn’t have been more fun.” Says Austin. “It was great hanging out with the KartSport and Comet crew and all my karting friends. I love this track. I think the biggest thing this weekend was the respect all the drivers gave each other. We were always two wide in the turns, drafting on the straights and one time we got 4 wide up the hill into turn 8. Even though the other drivers wouldn’t give you a break, everybody gave each other just enough room to race. There were no cheap shots. It was cool. I hope everyone comes back in two weeks with the same attitude.”

“Austin delivered for all of us this weekend. It wasn’t so much about winning as it was about learning how this new Bridgestone tire compound works and getting the kart set up for the national coming up in two weeks.” says Crew Chief Michael Ramirez. “ “This is probably the most difficult track in the series for the crew and driver. There is every type of turn you can think of and then the long uphill straights that require exact gear and carburetor setup.”

Beaver Run Raceway will host the Manufacturer’s Cup Nationals July 9th and 10th. Most of the top national teams competed in the Great Lakes Sprint Series race this past weekend in an effort to get ready for the Man Cup Nationals.

“Most of the top drivers were here this weekend with one big exception, Joel Jens. He will be here next weekend testing so we won’t have anything on him come Man Cup race day.” Says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing, the marketing group supporting the Austin Wayne Self Brand.  “KartSport, Comet and Austin’s crew made some big progress with our karting program this weekend. We look forward to the Man Cup Nationals in two weeks. Thanks to the GLSS Team for hosting all of us this weekend. Especially to Kevin Harter who had his hands full reconciling passion and emotion all weekend. You have great resolve Kevin. Also, hey to the Ryans, fellow Texans and TCU alumnus. Go Frogs!!!”

Rumor has it that Joel Jens will be heading back to Texas with Austin Wayne Self immediately following the Man Cup to test in one of his NASCAR Late Models.

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