Austin Wayne Self Signs with Sellers Racing for 2012

Strong Showing at South Boston NASCAR Race Solidifies a Full Season Ride

Austin, TX – Thursday, October 27

Austin Wayne Self and Sellers Racing today announced that they have finalized a deal for the 2012 Racing Season that will put Self in the seat of a Sellers Racing Chevrolet featuring his signature 07 number. While the deal had been in the works for some time, Austin proved he was worthy of a Sellers ride during the season finale South Boston Late Model 300 Race weekend.

“The SoBo Race was great. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in any type of race car since I can remember,” says Self. “But the greatest part of the whole weekend was getting to drive a Sellers Racing car. It was an honor and a privilege to drive for their family. I have to thank HC for the opportunity, Peyton for working so hard for me and Mr. Sellers for his patience.”

H.C. Sellers, Austin Wayne Self, David Umscheid and Peyton Sellers

The active racing weekend started on Friday when Self qualified 30th in a field of 38, and then earned a 28th starting position in Saturday’s heat race. After missing the Driver Introduction during the pre-race ceremonies, Track Officials made him start in the back of the field for the main.  Self raced up to 16th on about Lap 220 before a broken header and a bent rear clip forced him to end his day and settle for 24th overall.

“We pretty much knew by the end of Friday practice that we wanted Austin on our team,” said HC Sellers. “The Saturday race was more about getting him some seat time in one of our cars, and working with our team. I’m pretty sure everyone on his crew, including my dad who spotted for him had fun and will remember this race for some time.”

“Austin was recommended to us a couple months back by a good friend of ours, and that’s when we started putting together the deal terms. But we really didn’t want to commit to anything until we had a chance to work with the driver one-on-one. For Sellers Racing, attitude is just as important as driving ability and we were impressed with both. And let’s not forget this driver is only 15 years old, so his future is very bright.  We really look forward to working with him during the 2012 season.”

“HC and Peyton say we threw Austin to the wolves,” says David Umscheid with a notable grin. [Umscheid was Austin’s Crew Chief and spotter during the majority of the 2011 NASCAR season].  “But I think it was me and Peyton and Mr. Sellers who paid the price. There were so many wrecks in the first 200 laps, so between repairs and trying to keep the car on the lead lap we must have made 20 pit stops. At one point I radioed up to Mr. Sellers and told him we were out of parts and duct tape, so I asked Mr. Sellers not to let Austin hit anything and damage what’s left of the car,” Umscheid chuckles.

“There is no doubt we threw this kid to the wolves,” says Peyton Sellers, Austin’s Crew Chief for the SoBo race.“ Friday before qualifying was the first time Austin had ever been on this track and then we put him in the biggest race of the year here with a field of 38 cars racing for $52,000. It was a lot of work for everyone but it was well worth it to watch him race this field and see how well he handled himself. Things are a little different here compared to Texas, and I think he learned a great deal from this race.”

“We had been looking forward to this race for months with certain expectations,” say Tim Self, President of AM Racing. “But the intensity of the racing and the effort and professionalism of the Sellers Racing team was well beyond those expectations. This was definitely the most fun we have ever had at a race and certainly one of the more fulfilling experiences. I know the results don’t show it, but if you followed the race, and saw how many times the entire team worked together to keep Austin on the lead lap and out there competing, you got a glimpse of what I am trying to express.”

As for the 2012 Deal with Sellers, Tim Self says, “For sure the 2012 Sellers deal is by far the story of the week for AM Racing. I can’t say enough about the respect we have gained for this family during this brief period. Developing a driver is one thing, but we are also developing a young man whose, values, attitude and behavior will overshadow everything we do. We sincerely feel, the opportunity to work closely with the Sellers family is a blessing from God.”

Now that the NASCAR season is over, Austin and AM Racing will return to Kart Racing starting with the Super Nationals In Las Vegas November 17th-20th followed by the IMIS Race inside Conseco Field House in Indianapolis December 11th.


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