Seat Time at the Magic Mile

New Hampshire Motor Speedway, also known as the Magic Mile provided an incredible learning experience on the road to victory for Austin Wayne Self. This 1.058 mile track with mild banking was approached with confidence and fines by the 77 AMTS Cunningham Dodge team. “It’s a really cool track. Passing was a challenge but a good one, I’m still learning and bettering myself with each race.” -AWS

In qualifying the the team placed p16. Unfortunately after discovering a mechanical error and correcting the issue was forced to start from the back. Throughout the race the 77 team aggressively adjusted the car to better performance. Austin Wayne Self worked his way from the back of the pack all the way up to p9! To our dismay on the final laps of the race Austin and the 77 team were met with aggressive driving and took a hard hit. Austin took the results with stride and the 77 team focused on the experience gained from this racing opportunity. When all is said and done this track provided for incredible racing and Austin Wayne Self tackled the challenge!

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