Self Takes the Checkered at His Home Track!

Austin Wayne Self Wins 10-18-14The ARCA Racing Series off-season is in full effect but that doesn’t mean that Austin Wayne Self (AWS) will keep out of the fast lane until the 2015 season begins. The young driver can’t risk getting rusty with such an important year coming up that could very well define the tone of the rest of his racing career. Self’s first opportunity to get back in the seat was over this past weekend at Central Texas Speedway, his home track in TX. Self was glad to be back with his CTS team. They had come extremely close to grabbing the first place finish in September, a huge accomplishment due to the rebuild the team has experienced this season.

The 22 team at CTS experienced some changes half way through the season, shifting their focus to gaining more experience and developing their team. Crew chief, Matt Maynard stated, “We (the 22 team) have been very fortunate to be working with people like the James family and David Pletcher of DLP Motorsports. They’ve not only helped our on-track performance, but they’ve helped improve our team development as well.”

Self qualified in the 3rd position for the start of the feature race. With a packed house (there wasn’t an empty seat in the place), Self was ready to put on a show for all the fans that came out for some awesome racing action. Self took close to 20 laps before taking the lead in the 50 lap race. Self led the last laps of the race but not without a challenge. Another driver followed closely behind, nipping at Self’s heals. Self was able to hold him off long enough to take the checkered and celebrate with his friends, family and team.

“Derek Scott put up a good race at the beginning. Terry and Colt James and my Crew Chief, Matt Maynard gave me a really great car that was consistent in the long green runs. I was really excited to bring the #22 AMTS, KVET Dodge to Victory Lane!” – AWS

View video clip from Austin’s race here: Race Clip by Austin Wayne Self.

The team described the win as a huge milestone after working so hard throughout the season. It was sometimes difficult for the team to get the practice they needed due to Self’s busy ARCA schedule. The ARCA off-season offered them the opportunity to get in a little extra work with the car and driver. After this win, the team is looking forward to giving it everything they’ve got for the CTS season finale in November.

Self has more races coming up this off-season. Stay tuned for race event announcements and results. Be sure to follow Austin Wayne Self on Facebook and Twitter for behind the scenes pictures and videos.


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