Shawn Sharkey to Join Austin Wayne Self to Celebrate his Farewell Race at Thunderhill Raceway

Saturday, August 27th Late Model Race to Feature the “Double” 07 Cars

Austin Wayne Self hopes to give fans some great entertainment and go out with a bang at Thunderhill Raceway when he partners up to race with his good friend Shawn Sharkey, a 17-year-old multi-series karting champion from New Jersey.  In what will be Austin’s final NASCAR Whelen All-American Series race in Kyle, Austin and Shawn will drive the twin 07 Chevy Late Model cars on Saturday, August 27th.

“Austin and Shawn have raced each other in karts for the past 3 years in National Cup events and now they get to race each other in NASCAR Late Models. How cool is that? Shawn has been racing in Lee Faulk’s Racing Development program at the Hickory, North Carolina track all season so I am sure he will do well here.  There’s no doubt they will put on a good show for the fans,” says Tim Self, owner of AM Racing. “They did so in Karts and they will do so in Late Models.

“On another note, this is the end of and era for us. We are moving our NASCAR Program to Charlotte to finish out the season, and get ready for a really big 2012 NASCAR Season up there.  We will miss Thunderhill, and especially all of our really great fans here.  We hope to get back here from time to time.”

“Are you kidding me? This is Butch and Sundance! These kids raced together at the top of the game in karts in fields of 36-56 karts deep,” says Jim Sharkey, Owner of Shawn Sharkey Racing. “They know how the game is played, and I think they will show very well for the crowd. Shake and Bake Baby, Shake aanndd Bake!”

“By the way, we’re from Jersey and would just like to say that since our Governor is not in the running, we fully support Texas Governor Rick Perry in his run for the White House. We are proud to be here in the Great State of Texas. Thanks for having us.”

“I just want to say thanks to Austin, AM Racing and their crew for inviting us down and for the privilege to race here in Central Texas,” says Shawn Sharkey.  “Racing with NASCAR in North Carolina is a little different than down here. The tracks are different, the suspension, tires and motor are all different. So we have our work cut out for us. The good news is, I won the coin toss and get the primary 07 car.  Austin will drive the backup 07 car. I think it will be fun for the fans especially if we get lucky enough to run 1st and 2nd.  No one will be sure who is what car. That’s really cool.”

“Racing with Shawn again – especially in Late Models instead of Karts is going to be really cool,” says Austin Wayne Self, driver of the 07 Chevrolet.  “I’m looking forward to working with him in practice to get him up to speed on this track. Having both of the 07 Late Models on the track is going to be a wild experience for the crowd. It’ll be like double vision.  As far as working together, that may happen early in the race. But I know Shawn, and come the last 5 laps, he’s like me, and he has no friends. That’s just the way we race.”

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